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    Can I rely on Sunheron weather data?

    You can count on the fact, that we are very thorough in collecting and analyzing weather data. We use weather data knowledge from 40 years ago up to present. However, weather is a natural phenomenon that is not always precisely predictable. The situation on the spot might occasionally differ from the statistical average.

    How do you get weather data?

    We collect and analyze weather data from public sources. We use TerraClimate project data for air temperatures, precipitation and wind. Regarding sea and ocean temperatures we use data from NOAA OISST. We use CRU CL in version 2 for humidity, clouds and forecasting rainy days. Additionally, we develop our unique indexes.

    How did you decide which destinations to include?

    When choosing destinations, we considered how popular the destination is with tourists, how many attractions it offers, and we also took into account aspects such as safety, accessibility, and much more.

    I can’t find my favorite destination on Sunheron. Why?

    We have tried to proceed as carefully as possible when selecting locations. If you miss a destination, we would be happy if you let us know at We might add it in the next version of the application.

    Why can’t I find a specific resort on Sunheron?

    This feature is not yet available but we are already working hard on it. Sunheron will soon include more than a thousand specific locations.

    I would like to search for a custom-made holiday based on different parameters. Why is it not possible?

    We’re glad you mention this feature. It’s something we want to work on in the near future and offer it soon to our users.

    How many places can I currently find on Sunheron?

    We offer data for 284 regions or countries at the moment. However, we plan to include tourist resorts and major world cities soon. There will be thousands of locations on Sunheron in the future.