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    TOP 5 most beautiful islands of the Philippines


    TOP 5 most beautiful islands of the Philippines


    The Philippines is a land of idyllic islands, world-class surf and turquoise lagoons. The archipelago is made up of 7107 islands spread across 300,000 square kilometres in the Western Pacific. But which one is the BEST? The truth is, each island has something special. If you're craving a bohemian vacation, Boracay is the "party island" for you. Adventurers will be at home on exotic Bohol. One thing's for sure – there's plenty of fine white sand for everyone in the Philippines.

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      1. Palawan: The best of the Philippines

      If you only have the opportunity to visit one island, it should be Palawan. It is by far the most beautiful island in the Philippines, and regularly wins various polls for the most beautiful island in the world. Set aside at least a week to visit it – the roads here are not the best and the only way to enjoy it properly is to take it slow.

      The fifth largest island in the Philippines offers a wide variety of activities. From snorkelling in Honda Bay, to exploring the underground river, to the limestone rock-strewn El Nido, best explored on a day island hopping trip. Palawan simply does not disappoint!

      A rock-strewn of El Nido in Philippines

      2. Coron: Diving

      For great diving and snorkeling, head north of Palawan. Corals, turtles and a flood of colourful fish – the underwater world surrounding Coron Island will blow you away. The World War II shipwrecks that you'll get to see on a day dive trip are the icing on the cake.

      Don't miss Kayangan Lake, which is unusually nestled in the mountains. It can be reached by a short hike, at the end of which a spectacular view awaits. The water in the lake is fresh (a mix of 70% fresh and 30% salt water) and incredibly clear. It is no wonder that it is said to be the cleanest lake in Asia.

      Kayangan Lake in the mountains of Coron, Philippines

      3. Bohol: Discovering Nature

      Not too small and not too big, just right. Bohol offers the perfect combination of beautiful beaches and half-day excursions. The best way to get around is by scooter. You can start with the Chocolate Mountains, for example, which are a local attraction. The rich and unique biodiversity makes exploring the local nature a real adventure. You'll understand when the world's smallest primate, the Philippine marmot, looks at you with its mesmerizing gaze.

      Green Chocolate mountains in Bohol

      4. Siargao: Surfing

      The teardrop-shaped island is a magnet for surfers from Europe and Australia. And boy do they know where to look for the best waves! But it's not for beginners – in August and September, when it's the best time to surf, waves up to six metres long break here. But Siargao isn't just about surfing – there are waterfalls, caves, rice paddies and, most importantly, some of the most beautiful beaches in the Philippines. So if you want to relax and enjoy the white sands, you won't be bothered by the crowds of tourists here.

      Siargao island in Philippines

      5. Boracay: White beach and nightlife

      Boracay is one of the most famous destinations in the Philippines. It's famous for its White Beach, which tops the list of the best beaches in the world. It is a four-kilometer stretch of white sand lined with palm trees, with a coral reef starting just 200 meters from the beach.

      This small island (you can cross the whole place by foot in an hour) is very popular with tourists. If you're going to enjoy the nightlife, then head here from March to May. If you want to avoid the biggest crowds, then choose the period from June to September. Most resorts are located right on the beach.

      White Beach in Boracay, Philippines

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