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    Attractions of breathtaking Jordan: Including but not only the rock city of Petra and the Dead Sea


    Attractions of breathtaking Jordan: Including but not only the rock city of Petra and the Dead Sea


    Jordan is a land of hidden treasures. However, most tourists to this Middle Eastern country head for one destination, and that is the rock city of Petra. This place is truly unique and you would be hard pressed to find such a place anywhere else in the world. Why is the city of Petra so popular and does Jordan offer other interesting tourist spots?

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      The rock city of Petra is the crowning achievement of the Nabataean Kingdom and is the country's biggest tourist attraction. Any travel guide will tell you this, and since 2007 this unique place has also been listed as one of the modern 7 Wonders of the World.

      The rock city of Petra attracts tourists from all over the world

      Unfortunately, with Petra's great popularity comes an overabundance of tourists. If you want to experience the half-empty city as it was twenty years ago, it is necessary to be prepared to go exploring very early in the day.  

      The rock city of Petra in Jordan.

      But the famous city isn't just about the famous Treasury building, one square and a few majestic rocks; you can also visit a number of other sights in the form of tombs, the amphitheatre, Hadrian's Gate and the Byzantine church.

      If tours to Jordan tempt you, then set aside at least two or three days of your holiday for Petra. For an afternoon, you can head to the rock city as part of an optional excursion from popular Egypt. However, locals prefer to see tourists who don't go to Petra just for a spin, which is why even a two- or three-day entry fee differs from a one-day fee by just a few dinars.

      Jordan's diverse nature will surprise you

      Jordan is trying to show tourists that the country is not just about Petra and that there are many more reasons to visit the Middle Eastern country. So when you ask local guides what to see in Jordan besides the famous City of Rocks, they immediately start listing off the beauty of nature. The country is truly breathtaking.

      Camels in the desert in Jordan.

      The diverse nature offers sandstone mountains, rocky hillsides with olive trees, beautiful valleys, gorges and desert. Plus the Arabian Desert is another great attraction, as the most beautiful part of it is located in Jordan. The colourful combination of pink, red and brick sand is a real treat, and in terms of intensity of colour, the desert in Jordan clearly leads in the world rankings.

      Lie on the surface of the Dead Sea with a book in your hand

      Although Jordan is a great place for a sightseeing holiday, we mustn't overlook the fact that the country is partially bathed from the west by the Dead Sea, which is the lowest freely accessible place on Earth.

      A man reading in a Dead Sea.

      But the Dead Sea is not a sea, and even though the word is in its name, it is actually a salty, bottomless lake. The water is so salty that when you taste it your mouth turns bitter, but on the plus side, the excess of salt allows you to "become weightless". You can float on the surface with a book in your hand. Moreover, the composition of the Dead Sea has very positive effects on human health, treating joint, muscle and skin problems.

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