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    Cycling and wine in Lower Austria


    Cycling and wine in Lower Austria


    Lower Austria offers over 6,000 kilometres of cycling routes for athletes and families with children. Combining cycling with culinary delights and wine in the cellar alleys in Kellergassen makes this region an extraordinary experience.

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      The most interesting international cycling routes – EUROVELO

      EUROVELO 9 – one of the most impressive cycle routes in Austria. You cycle from the town of Breclav in the Czech Republic through the Wienviertel region in Lower Austria to Vienna. This section is called Vienna – Breclav and continues through the Vienna Woods and the Vienna Alps.

      EUROVELO 13 – also known as the Iron Curtain Trail, is the longest cycle path in Europe. It runs for approximately 200 kilometres through the Waldviertel and Wienviertel regions. The route of the former Iron Curtain repeatedly passes the border between the Czech Republic and Austria. This makes this historic cycle route a clear symbol of a united Europe.

      The Römer Tour, or Roman Route, is a family trail from the medieval town of Bruck an der Leitha, which is worth seeing, through Haydn's birthplace and Rohrau Castle to the Roman town of Carnuntum. Continue through the cellar streets and vineyards in the heart of the wine region to the wine-growing villages of Höflein and Göttlesbrunn.

      One of the Eurovelo paths and a bicycle next to a river

      Star Cycle Tours

      For those who do not want to move from stage to stage but prefer a more flexible approach, there are many places in Lower Austria where you can take "star bike tours", which means taking different bike trips from one place. In Wienviertel, star tours around Retz can be combined with the Iron Curtain Trail, the Reblaus Express cycle route, the Kellergrassen cycle route and the "Wine and Culture" cycle route.

      The main motive for visiting Lower Austria is cycling, with the region offering 6,000 kilometres of mountain bike trails and 11 trail centres, trail parks and areas. For families with children, Lower Austria also offers 16 cycling routes for children. As well as cycling itself, the whole region can be explored and visitors often combine it with other activities such as culinary experiences or hiking. Combined with culinary delights and wine pub culture, a sports holiday then becomes a holiday for pleasure. In the summer, many rivers and lakes invite you to cool off after a hike, for example to swim in the Danube or Lake Lunz.

      View of the Danube river in Lower Austria surrounded by forests

      The cellar alleys of Kellergassen

      The centuries-old wine tradition is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The famous cellar alleys of Kellergassen are part of the unique cultural landscape of the Wienviertel. They are also known as chimneyless villages. In former times, they were places where wine was stored, a meeting place for winemakers and the birthplace of old customs. Today, these cellar alleys are wildly romantic streets with a great history. The long rows of white wine presses blend picturesquely into the wine landscape and create a coherent, authentic atmosphere.

      How can these famous cellar alleys be explored? Preferably by bike! The cycle paths in the Wienviertel are like the Grüner Veltliner (Veltine Green) – close to nature and well developed. There are long cycle paths available to athletes along quiet roads. On a bicycle you will feel free, and get to know the country and its people up close. In the cellar alleys you will meet winemakers and enjoy a glass of wine in the sun.

      View of a vineyard and a small village in the background in Austria

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