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    Madeira: view of the seaside village
    7 tips for summer holidays on European islands
    December 28, 2023
    Iceland: road by the water with mountains in the background
    Around Iceland in 10 days
    December 27, 2023
    An aerial view of the city of Kotor, sea and boats and mountains in the background
    Montenegro's interior is a hidden treasure
    December 19, 2023
    View of sea, fountain and buildings in the background
    Discover the lesser-known corners of the Netherlands
    December 13, 2023
    Italy, South Tyrol, Passo Sella: mountains and valley at sunset.
    Italy: 5 undiscovered attractions in South Tyrol
    November 29, 2023
    Pula Croatia: Roman amphitheatre
    South Istria: friendly atmosphere, rich culture and wonderful swimming
    November 29, 2023
    Sweden: landscape with mountains and lake.
    Kungsleden: Scandinavia’s incredible hiking trail
    November 9, 2023
    View of boats on a sea and rocky formations in the background in Menorca
    Menorca a paradise for wanderers
    November 7, 2023
    View of the beutiful city of Berlin, Germany
    Guide to Berlin: tips for your first trip to the German capital
    November 7, 2023
    Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany at sunset.
    Germany by bike
    November 1, 2023
    Malta: Riviera Beach with people.
    The most beautiful beaches in Malta: sand, cliffs and the blue lagoon
    October 25, 2023
    View of mountains and rock formations in Granada Geopark, Spain
    Granada Geopark: The secrets of Europe's southernmost desert
    October 12, 2023
    View of mountains covered with forrest and city surrounded by the sea in the background
    Camino de Fisterra, the pilgrimage trail to the edge of the world
    October 12, 2023
    View of an isolated cottage and trees in a snowy Lapland
    Lapland: to the ice kingdom, sauna and aurora borealis
    October 12, 2023
    View of mountains in the Apls, Carinthia
    4 long-distance routes in Carinthia on the sunny side of the Alps
    October 12, 2023
    View of a ski slope, a cottage and mountains in Zillertal
    Zillertal, the mecca of Austrian skiers
    October 10, 2023
    View of grass mountains covered with forests in Lower Austria
    Cycling and wine in Lower Austria
    October 10, 2023
    View of dunes, beach, mountains and sea, Fuerteventura
    Surfer's paradise in the Canary Islands. This is Fuerteventura!
    October 9, 2023
    View of mountains, green meadows and forests in Aletsch arena, Switzerland
    Exploring the Aletsch Arena
    October 7, 2023
    Tbilisi, Georgia: view of the city at sunset.
    Tbilisi: A guide for your first trip to the Georgian capital
    October 3, 2023
    View of the city of Rovinj, Istria
    TOP 7 places in Istria
    October 2, 2023
    Bay with volcanic beach on Lanzarote.
    Lanzarote Geopark and the Chinijo Archipelago
    September 13, 2023
    Gran Canaria: roads winding along the rocky coast.
    Gran Canaria: surprises at every turn
    September 13, 2023
    La Palma: view of the mountain ranges.
    Green and fragrant La Palma
    September 13, 2023
    View of the city of Rovinj in Istria
    The most interesting places in Istria, Croatia
    September 7, 2023
    View of turqoise sea and and rock cliffs with trees in Menorca
    Menorca: what to see, do and where to stay
    September 6, 2023
    Aerial view of the Canal d'Amour in Sidari, Corfu
    5 reasons to visit the emerald island of Corfu
    September 6, 2023
    View of boats and yachts at sea and a part of the island of Ibiza
    Ibiza – the island of sun and fun
    September 6, 2023
    Tenerife: road with a view of the mountain.
    Tenerife: A Canary island which offers some great experiences
    August 23, 2023
    View of a bay and ships in Corsica
    Beaches, diving and canyoning. What an experience you can have in Corsica!
    August 5, 2023
    View of the white houses in Greece
    The most beautiful Greek islands, where you’ll feel as if you’re in a film
    August 4, 2023
    View of the azure sea with rocky steps in Sardinia
    Ten-day Sardinia tour: highlights from around the country
    August 4, 2023
    Azores: green hils and hiking trail.
    Azores Terceira – Europe's largest wilderness
    July 28, 2023
    Madeira view of a mountain peak next to sea
    The flavours of Madeira
    July 21, 2023
    Switzerland: chalet on a lake overlooking the Alps.
    5 European destinations to visit in autumn
    July 17, 2023
    Empty sandy beach on Canary Islands.
    4 places to go for warmth in Europe in winter
    July 10, 2023
    Historic gate in Madrid.
    Sightseeing in Spain – what you definitely should not miss
    June 13, 2023
    Sea view from the ancient chapel.
    Ultimate guide to the Greek islands in the Aegean Sea
    May 30, 2023
    Picturesque village at the foot of the hill by the sea on Greece West Coast.
    Top places to visit in northern and western Greece
    May 24, 2023
    Menorca sea with boats under blue sky.
    TOP 5 best summer vacation spots in Europe
    April 27, 2023
    Lisbon view of Castelo de São George
    7 European cities for your best March holiday
    December 12, 2022