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    Get to know Hawaii in the winter months


    Get to know Hawaii in the winter months


    Are you tempted by long, sun-drenched beaches, swimming in the sea and exotic food even in winter? Still not sure where to go? How about Hawaii? Almost everyone will be captivated. The warm ocean, breathtaking nature and beautiful beaches are calling out for you to visit.

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      The most remote landmass

      The Hawaiian Islands were formed by recent volcanic activity. They are the most remote landmass in the middle of the ocean, which is why Hawaiian holidays are so expensive. But the investment is well worth it. The experience is priceless.

      Oahu – the main island of Hawaii

      But Hawaii doesn't just have beautiful beaches and azure seas. Did you know that on Oahu you can visit Pearl Harbor, the beautiful waterfalls and the capital Honolulu? What's more, Oahu has nice weather all year round, and you can enjoy it even in winter.

      Kualoa Beach, Oahu, Hawaii: majestic mountain by the green coast.


      Avoid the hustle and bustle of bustling Waikiki and experience the true beauty of Hawaii. Honolulu stretches along the southeast coast of Oahu and extends inland.

      Honolulu, Hawaii: houses by the blue sky at the foot of the mountain.

      Climb the Aloha Tower and enjoy unparalleled views of the sea, take a stroll past the Royal Palace, see Victorian homes, stroll through Chinatown, and enjoy the nightlife.

      Pearl Harbor

      The harbor, which is used as a base for the United States Navy, is most famous for the events of 1941, when the Americans entered World War II. Set aside a full day to visit Pearl Harbor. You can admire the war submarine Bowfin, the museum with combat aircraft and the warship Missouri.

      Waikiki Beach

      A relatively short beach with a gradual entrance to the sea and numerous rocks on the bottom. On windy days the waves rise here, and half the beach is reserved for surfers.

      Hawaii, Waikiki Beach: people on the beach and in the sea with skyscrapers in the background.

      Hanauma Bay

      A beautiful beach near Honolulu. Beautiful corals with lots of tropical fish await you there, and you might even get to swim with turtles. Hanauma Bay is a perfect place for snorkeling, so bring your snorkeling gear.

      Hawaii, Oahu: sea turtle in the sea.

      Head out in winter for long beaches, tropical rainforests and breathtaking waterfalls. They're all waiting for you in Hawaii. Are you up for an adventure? Check out the extinct Mauna Kea volcano and the active Mauna Loa volcano.

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