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    Traveling to the USA? Advice and destination tips!


    Traveling to the USA? Advice and destination tips!


    Are you tempted to travel to the USA? Wondering which places are among the most visited and which natural attractions not to miss? Here's a summary of the highlights. The USA offers a wide range of options, you just have to choose which suit you.

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      The USA is much larger than the European Union. Its history is shorter, yet it offers a wealth of travel opportunities. If you want to make the most of the experience, you need to plan your trip well. Our little guide will inspire you.

      What you need to do before your trip

      If you're planning a longer stay, you'll need to arrange a visa. If you only need 90 days or less to travel, the ESTA electronic registration will suffice. Planned in advance, the document must already be valid when you board the plane. A biometric passport is required.

      • Do not underestimate travel insurance with high enough limits, medical care is very expensive in the USA.

      • If you want to rent a car, get an international driving licence.

      • The electrical voltage is different from the European one, you need to have a reduction in the socket.

      • Check your credit card to see if you are allowed to make payments abroad.

      • The ideal times to visit the USA are April–May, September–October. During the peak tourist season, prices are high and crowds are ubiquitous.

      • The US has a different system of units of measurement than Europe. Study the conversions.

      • Make a plan of what you want to visit before you travel. If you're not the adventurous type, take advantage of travel agents.

      Places hidden in parks

      In the US, nature conservation in the form of reserves and parks is a tradition. They tend to be some of the main stops for most travelers. There really is a lot to choose from. Here are a few tips for interesting places.

      Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming – Old Faithful

      Such a symbol of Yellowstone National Park, one of the most famous geothermal geysers in the world. The eruptions are irregular, those who wait will have a good chance to see one. The length of a single geyser ranges from about 1.5 minutes to 5 minutes. In winter, it offers an interesting spectacle, some of the water freezes when it erupts. It can reach an impressive height of around 56 metres.

      Grand prismatic spring in Yellowstone NP.

      Yellowstone is famous for its geothermal pools and rivers with waterfalls. There are many endangered animal species here. More than a thousand earthquakes occur here every year.

      Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

      Many tourists come to Bryce Canyon National Park for the unique view of the rock spires "hoodoos". The whole spectacle is in colors of orange, white and yellow. It is often referred to as a canyon, but it is actually a succession of natural amphitheaters with forests. There are pine trees more than a thousand years old to admire.

      Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado

      You can admire the UNESCO-listed indigenous dwellings carved into the cliff. Nearby are the "Four Corners", where the borders of Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico converge at one point. Many species of mammals, birds and reptiles live here.

       Dwellings carved into the cliff in Mesa verde NP (USA).

      Death Valley National Park, California

      Death Valley is full of extremes – hot, arid and mysterious. In May and during the summer there are extreme temperatures. Which places to visit?

      Artist's Palette – rock formations with impressive gradients of pink, red, yellow, purple and green.

      Badwater Basin – the lowest place in North America. Temperatures are high here, and walking on the salt crusts is popular.

      Sequoia National Park and King's Canyon, California

      The huge trees from Sequoia National Park are among the largest in the world, up to 3,000 years old. You can admire the majestic Grand General redwood, which is over 80 metres tall. Another is the General Sherman.

      Saguaro National Park, Arizona

      Large cacti grow here. Their trunks reach more than half a metre in diameter, and several species of birds have taken up residence in the durinas. During May and June, they bloom with white flowers with a yellow centre. They open in the morning and close again in the evening. One cactus can hold up to 700 litres of water.

      Grand Canyon, Arizona

      Grand Canyon is one of the most visited places in the world. Formed by the flowing Colorado River, the landscape looks like something from another planet. It offers, for example, the beautiful viewpoint of Bright Angel Point and Mother Point. Those who aren't afraid can try the Grand Canyon Skywalk, a transparent observation deck that extends 20 metres over the edge.

      Grand canyon horseshoe bend.

      We pick the top beaches

      The US ranks among the countries with the longest coastlines, so there's plenty to choose from. You'll need to do some research, as not all of them are designed for swimming. Some have good conditions for water sports and others are ideal for spotting dolphins and orcas.

      East coast

      Rockaway Beach – an urban beach overlooking the Atlantic. A popular relaxation and excursion spot for locals.

      Long Island – a popular summer resort on the Atlantic coast. Opulent mansions are built to the north, and there are many sandy beaches with dunes to the south. A large community of surfers live here.

      The west coast

      Santa Monica Beach – its popularity is mainly due to many TV series and movies. Along the beach you can use the trails to bike, inline skate or run. Not only is there great sunbathing and swimming, but also surfing.

      Santa Monica Beach in California with palm trees.


      Miami Beach – there are probably few people who don't know it. The wide and long beach is constantly filled with people. In close proximity there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the social life, you can go to bars, restaurants and discos. South Beach, with its white sands and clear sea, follows to the south.

      Clearwater – located in the Florida part of the Gulf of Mexico, is very beautiful. The calm and crystal clear sea is complemented by white sand and a gradual entry into the sea.


      Hawaii is truly a paradise on earth. It consists of an archipelago of 95 coral and mostly volcanic islands. Favourable and sunny weather prevails all year round.

      Napili Beach – this is a smaller beach with lava rocks. It can be found on the island of Maui. It is ideal for families, swimmers and diving enthusiasts.

      Hawaii sunset over the sea.

      Banzai Pipeline – located on the north coast of Oahu. A convenient place for surfers. The waves here can reach up to 6 m high and the best surfers gather here every year.

      Other beaches to visit include Sunset Beach, Waimea Beach and Jaws Beach.

      The most famous towns

      It would take a long time to get around all the interesting cities in the USA. However, there are some very famous cities that millions of tourists visit every year, whether for their architecture, culture, sightseeing, gourmet experiences or for the fun and colourful greenery. You can choose the perfect one for you.

      New York City

      New York is a fascinating place and there is no other like it. It is known for its multicultural atmosphere and it is said that the city never sleeps. Day and night, it's bustling and it will completely engulf you. A walk around Manhattan will ensure that you soak up the atmosphere of the city. If you have some time, catch a show on Broadway. Don't miss a cruise past the Statue of Liberty, museums, galleries or the famous Central Park.

      Statue of Liberty in New York.

      New Orleans

      The city is over 300 years old and is distinctive for its culture, history, music scene and, of course, its typical cuisine. This interesting mix is the result of the influence of the indigenous population, the enslavement of Africans, immigrants from Europe and the war of the South against the North. It is located in the state of Louisiana in the south of the USA.

      Los Angeles

      Sandy beaches, sunny weather, this is the city of angels. Located in the southern part of California. Many aspiring artists travel here to pursue their dream of a big career. You can visit the Walk of Fame, Beverly Hills and, of course, the fun at Universal studios. If you have extra money, you can shop at the upscale stores on Rodeo Drive.


      A Florida city of Miami is located on the Atlantic coast. An ideal summer destination full of sun and beach lounging. You won't be bored at night either. Don't miss the famous Miami Beach.

      Long Miami beach from above.

      San Francisco

      San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities on the west coast of northern California. The city is built on a peninsula, and together with the mainland it forms San Francisco Bay. The biggest landmark is the Golden Gate Bridge. The steep streets of the city are often featured in films.

      Las Vegas

      In the middle of the desert in the southern state of Nevada is the city of sins, Las Vegas. It is famous for its never-ending entertainment and nightlife. There are casinos at every turn. Worth seeing is Old Las Vegas and some of the world stars who frequent the area.

      Las vegas and its buildings at night.

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