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    San Andres - Colombia

    San Andrés weather in June

    San Andres - Colombia

    San Andrés weather in June


    30 °C


    26 °C


    28 °C


    200 mm

    in month

    Rainy days

    17 days

    in month


    13 hours



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    JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecTemperature (° C)15202530Precipitation (mm)0320
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    Beach with turquise water in San Andrés in sunny weather with few clouds
    Beach with turquise sea in San Andrés on a sunny day with some clouds

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    Weather overview and FAQs

    Weather overview

    In June in San Andrés, the average air temperature ranges from 29.8 °C (85.6 °F) during the day to 25.9 °C (78.6 °F) at night. There are 17 days of rain on average, where the rainfall is 200 mm (7.87 in).

    Is June a good month to visit San Andrés?

    There are good conditions for visiting in June in San Andrés. The temperature during the day will be nice 29.8 °C (85.6 °F). The temperature of the sea will be perfect at 28.3 °C (82.9 °F). At night, temperatures hover around a pleasant 25.9 °C (78.6 °F).

    What temperature can I expect during the day in June in San Andrés?

    In June in San Andrés, the average daily temperatures will be 29.8 °C (85.6 °F). The ideal temperature for enjoying sunbathing by the water and a good temperature for other activities. For some people, it will be too hot in the direct sunlight and the stay may not be so pleasant. Don't forget to pack flip-flops, sunscreen, and a hand fan if necessary - it may come in handy.

    What is the sea temperature in June in San Andrés?

    The sea will reach 28.3 °C (82.9 °F) in June in San Andrés. This temperature is someone's dream come true, while for someone it may no longer be ideal for the purpose of refreshment.

    What is the night temperature in San Andrés in June?

    The average night temperature in June in San Andrés is 25.9 °C (78.6 °F). The temperature creates a tropical atmosphere and encourages a night of fun, often including a drink to refresh. After all, this temperature is already relatively high.

    How many days of precipitation on average can I expect in San Andrés in June?

    In June in San Andrés, we can expect 17 days to be rainy, that is, days when precipitation exceeds 2 mm (0.08 in). Converted to days of the week, this means that it will occur on an average of 4.0 days of the week, or in general - 58 % days.

    How heavy is the precipitation in June in San Andrés?

    There is precipitation of 200 mm (7.87 in) in San Andrés in June, which means 7 mm (0.26 in) rainfall per day on average.

    How long is the day (from dawn till dusk) in San Andrés in June?

    The length of daylight in San Andrés in June is 13 hours.

    Is San Andrés rainier in June than in July?

    No, in San Andrés in June it does not rain more than in July.

    How windy is San Andrés in June?

    In June in San Andrés, there will be an average wind scale of 2.8. It is rather a milder or unnoticeable wind, therefore it will not bother you during your holiday.

    Is it hot in San Andrés in June?

    In June in San Andrés, you will enjoy nice warm weather, but it will also be pleasant and you probably won't feel hot.